Watonga Rocks, Lighthouse Beach.
Love the contrasts in this photo.
That sky sure is blue!
I have a similar photo looking up the Great Pyramid in Cairo, hence the title of this blog.
Funny to think that this ‘pyramid’ is a lot older than the ones in Egypt.
Well, yeah, I hear you say 🙂















Soft light and a romantic colour palette descend over Lighthouse Beach.
The perfect setting for a proposal? I thought so, but when I phoned my wife,
she pointed out three things:
1. We’re already married;
2. Even if we weren’t married, a proposal over the phone isn’t cool; and
3. I’m watching ‘Modern Family’ – can’t this wait until you’re back home?

Lunar Blue














Tacking Point Lighthouse. Built in 1879 – the 3rd oldest lighthouse in Australia.
Set against a bright blue sky, it reminds me of the Greek Islands…
Mykonos, Santorini perhaps.
I haven’t seen anyone crack open a bottle of ouzo and yell ‘Opa!’ up there yet,
but there’s a first for everything. Not sure the local Hastings Council would approve of me smashing plates against the lighthouse either. Spoil sports.