VolcanoTacking Point, Port Macquarie.
This shot was taken on the same morning as my previous ‘Shepherd’s Warning’ post.
I’ve done absolutely nothing to the image…no enhancement, no re-touching.
The sky really was that colour at sunrise. I promise.
It literally looked like Tacking Point was a volcano, spewing lava out into the ocean.
Anyway, I’m still blown away by the sunrise that morning, hence your second dose of it! 🙂




Siren of the Sand

Siren of the Sand















Lighthouse Beach – January 2013
I would like to claim credit for this piece of sand art,
however I only stumbled upon it on my evening walk.
Pretty impressive, although I bet the first kid to spot it the next morning
would have destroyed it!

Early Reflection

Early Reflection

Sunrise over Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie.
And yes, the title ‘Early Reflection’ has a double meaning.
What was I reflecting on when gazing at the reflection on the water?
Can’t remember. Probably questioning why I was up this early!
Nah, when you see the day begin like this, it’s always worth it.