Stretching Giraffe

Stretching Giraffe

This shot was taken at Lake Cathie (pronounced Kat-eye), just south of Port Macquarie.
Why ‘Stretching Giraffe’?
See the top of the tree trunk – I reckon it looks like a giraffe’s head stretching for some leaves. Don’t you think?
I freakin’ love these winter days in Port! 🙂

Port Perfection

Turquoise TownTown Beach, Port Macquarie.
This is the kind of day where I pinch myself and remember how lucky I am to live in a place like this…turquoise water, clean beaches and beautiful winter weather.
Port Perfection indeed.


PerchedCommanding. Astute. Magnificent.
This guy was perched on his post by the Hastings River at Westport Park.
I managed to snap the shot as his head turned and the morning sun caught his beak.
He then gave me a glare as if to say “Come any closer and you’ll lose a finger”.
As you were Mr Pelican. As you were.