Seat View

Seat View

A front row seat for sunrise over Tacking Point, Port Macquarie.
Well, a front row seat if you turn your head 90 degrees to the right and look East.
‘An aisle seat for sunrise over Tacking Point’ doesn’t quite work as well.
Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the seat at all.
In fact, the word ‘seat’ has been written too many times in this post already.
Lighthouse: “Ahem, I think I’m a little more impressive than that seat people.”


VolcanoTacking Point, Port Macquarie.
This shot was taken on the same morning as my previous ‘Shepherd’s Warning’ post.
I’ve done absolutely nothing to the image…no enhancement, no re-touching.
The sky really was that colour at sunrise. I promise.
It literally looked like Tacking Point was a volcano, spewing lava out into the ocean.
Anyway, I’m still blown away by the sunrise that morning, hence your second dose of it! 🙂




Shepherd’s Warning


Pink sky in the morning…shepherd’s warning.
Pretty dull morning down at Lighthouse Beach. 🙂
Needless to say, I was blown away by this sunrise.
It was like the sky was on fire with vibrant reds and pinks and oranges.
Tacking Point headland almost looked like a volcano with lava spewing out into the sky.

Jacaranda Twist


Just had to share this photo.
I love this time of year when all the Jacaranda trees put on a show.
I’m going to dub November ‘The Lilac Month’ from now on.
Lilac? Lavender? Mauve? Violet? What do you think?
Oh, and that sky is amazing isn’t it.
I couldn’t stop looking at the streaky clouds dancing around,
set against a vivid blue backdrop. Awesome stuff.